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No Last Will? You’re in Good Company

So, you don’t have a last Will. You know, the document that is to be opened on your death setting out who is to manage your affairs now that you are gone (your Trustee), and giving details out concerning who is to get what (beneficiaries and bequests). Well that makes you normal. Meaning that a […]

The People’s Courts – A Path to Reform

              Dot #1. Now trending in Canadian mainstream media, on the ‘justice’ front, are pieces about problems with our courts, the delays of getting to trial and verdicts, the Supreme Court’s response, and the unintended consequences of letting some bad dudes go free because of the delays. Dot #2. […]

Hennessy Speaks to Psychiatry Residents at NOSM on the Intersection of Law & Psychiatry

On December 2nd, 2015, Michael Hennessy was honoured to be invited to present a seminar to a group of first year Psychiatry Residents with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Mr. Hennessy presented at the Laurentian University campus of NOSM, however students at the Lakehead University campus in Thunder Bay were in virtual attendance through […]

Hennessy Speaks About Carter Case at University of Sudbury Program

On Nov. 23rd, 2015, Michael Hennessy was invited to participate in a panel discussion hosted by the University of Sudbury regarding the topic of Doctor Assisted Death and End of Life Care. Mr. Hennessy was joined by Mary Huska, Clinical Bioethicist at Health Sciences North and Dr. Rachel Haliburton, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the […]


-originally published in Sudbury District Law Association August 2014 newsletter- noun:  [ foolz-kap] An anachronistic abomination perpetuated by a professional group prone to preserving ill-considered standards. In North America the term refers to a size of writing paper, 8 ½ inches by 14 inches, also known by the name ‘legal size’ paper. Frequently associated with […]

Esquire & Other Honorifics

-originally published in the Sudbury District Law Association February 2014 newsletter-   Somehow, somewhen, around these parts, the use of the title ‘Esquire’ in written communications about or to lawyers has near vanished. I used to experience a little pick-me-up when I would get a letter, however perfunctory, that was addressed to “T. Michael Hennessy, […]

Christmas 2014 – New Years 2015 Schedule

Seasons Greetings to our clients, colleagues and friends, from Michael, Amy, Nancy and Rob at Hennessy Law. We are taking a break at the office. Beginning at lunch on Christmas eve – Wed. the 24th, the office will be closed until Monday morning Jan. 5th, 2015. Of course we will still be able to receive e-mails […]

Imaginary Wager – The Uber Phenomenon

New on the radar screens of policy wonks is the Uber phenomenon. Events are developing quickly and battle lines are being drawn and soon some public policy decisions will have to be made. The question up for discussion can be framed like this: What to do about a new, high-tech entrant in a heavily regulated […]