Legal Resources

The Law Society of Ontario

The Law Society of Ontario is the organization that regulates all lawyers (and paralegals) in Ontario. It features useful resources for both lawyers and the general public.

Sudbury District Law Association

The Sudbury District Law Association is an organization of practicing lawyers in the Sudbury region. It offers education resources and networking events to its nearly 200 voluntary members and has been in operation since 1923.

Ontario Law

Ontario e-laws is a website operated by the Government of Ontario that contains accurate and up-to-date resources including all Ontario statute laws and regulations made under those statutes in a completely searchable database.


The Canadian Legal Information Institute is a non-profit resource website that is host to a large database of Canadian judicial decisions (cases) and some specialty sections for administrative tribunal decisions. It uses a search engine that allows Boolean logic operators (and, or, not, etc). CanLII is very current in having up-to-date cases, however it does not go far back historically for some types of cases.

Ontario Court Dates

This provincially-operated website lists the daily cases appearing before the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) and the Ontario Court of Justice.

Other Resources

Google Translate

Google Translate is an extremely useful online tool that allows for instant translation of text from over 90 languages.