Reappointment of MH to CCB

Michael Hennessy’s appointment to the Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario has recently (Aug 1, 2014) been renewed for a further 2 years.

The appointment is made by Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor in Council; in other words the government of the day.

Michael will continue his work for the Board as a Senior Lawyer member, which involves presiding over hearings of the Board.

This is the third renewal of his original appointment, which dates back to 2004. In his 10 years of part time work, Michael has presided over more than 250 hearings of the Board.

The work largely consists of hearings initiated by patients in psychiatric facilities who are challenging the determinations of their physicians (usually psychiatrists). Those determinations typically commit the patient to remain in the psychiatric facility on an involuntary basis, or find that the patients are not capable of consenting to their own treatment -meaning treatment decisions are made by a substitute decision maker.

For more info about the Consent and Capacity Board and the work they do here is a link to their site.