Socializing and Professionalism

Hennessy Law was tickled to sponsor and host a modest get together for some Sudbury lawyers on Thursday Dec. 6, 2013.

The after work event saw a score of colleagues drop by to the garage at 277 Elm, which has been nicknamed the Fireside Lounge. Friendly conversation, refreshments and snacks, and a crackling wood stove ambiance were the order of the day.

The invite that was circulated was a spoof on Continuing Professional Development, cpd. We were careful to avoid any copyright infringement of the LSUC logo, and were mindful of their guidelines for use of the cpd logo.

The spoof is a reference to a wildly successful Young Lawyer session at Sudbury’s 2013 Colloquium ( a 2 day cpd event). Regrettably MH could not attend because the session was restricted to lawyers with less than 10 years post call experience.

This session was promoted and organized by the Advocates Society, an Ontario trial lawyers based organization. They hit on the notion of a cocktail party setting that linked a half dozen young layers with a couple of senior mentors at tables of 8.  Mentors switched tables every 30 minutes or so. The bar was open, and gratis, courtesy of the Advocates Society.

The special bonus for attendees at the Colloquium session was 3 Professionalism hour credits – a full year’s worth.

Our event at 277 Elm had no such credits. Perhaps next year we’ll make the application to the authorities for some kind of credit. In the meantime though, the reports back to our ears were quite positive about our get together. We had a blast.